Wine tourism

Throughout the world, wine tourism and gourmet tours are one of the most popular forms of recreation. In Russia, interest in wine and wine making has been steadily increasing for recent years. It has become popular to understand wines.
Taking into account the growing interest in this type of recreation, wine tourism, the company «Creative Wine Co» (Vesegonsk winery OJSC) in 2009 began a project of wine tourism; the plant opened its doors to visitors, and anyone can visit a tour and tasting.
A tour of the Vesegonsk winery includes: visiting berries processing shops, fermenter floor, wine materials storage and processing shops, blending room, laboratories, and, of course, bottling shop, where you can witness the final stage of wine production. In the tasting room the tour ends up with a long awaited wine tasting, which is held by professional winemakers. This is a mandatory but one of the most enjoyable parts of any wine tour. During tasting tourists learn about features of a particular wine, how it differs from other wines; learn to recognize nuances of flavor.
The tour of the Vesegonsk winery also includes visiting a new brand shop of CREATIVE WINE, which represents the whole range of products for factory prices, and where you can purchase wine you like.


1. By car:
Option 1: Moscow - Sergiev Posad – Kalyazin – Kashin - Kesova Gora –Bezhetsk -  Krasny Kholm -  Vesegonsk.
Option 2: Moscow – Tver – Bezhetsk - Krasny Kholm -  Vesegonsk.
The second route is longer with more traffic.
2. By one of river cruises by companies "Rechflot", "Mosturflot", "Inflot" from Moscow, as well as from the cities of Rybinsk and Cherepovets.
3. On private boats and yachts
Address: 48 Karl Marks Str., Vesegonsk, Tver Region
For more information on guided tours to the Vesegonsk winery, you can call:
+7 (919) 050-32-62 or +7 (495) 504-28-32

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