Traditional Russian Cranberry Wine «Flirtini»

"Flirtini Cranberry"  is a seductive wine from ripe berries of cranberry collected by hand in the protected areas of Tver and Vologda regions of Russia. This wine has an exquisite smooth taste and delicate flavor.

This is wine, not liquor - its strength only 15.5%, which allows achieving the perfect balance of softness and taste. This wine is made from 100% cranberry juice without adding any flavorings and colorings! Special technology of winemaking allows to preserve the natural freshness, rich flavor and aroma of fresh cranberries.

This precious drink will not leave indifferent any lady, and it is likely to suit taste of many men.

To achieve the perfect harmony of taste sweet dessert wine is very important to serve well chilled - up to +11 ° C ... +13 ° C.



Соблазнительное клюквенное вино “Флиртини Клюква”

Sugar: ~120 g/dm
Alcohol Content:  15,5 %
Volume:0,5 l
Quantity of bottles per cartoon: 6 ps.

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