About us

CREATIVE WINE wine company is a young and dynamic manufacturer of high quality natural wines.

The mission of CREATIVE WINE is to give consumers of our wines pleasure to enjoy a delicious high-quality wine. To enhance the culture of alcohol consumption in Russia, to strengthen the nation's health by creating healthier and more viable alternative to beer and vodka, as well as by promoting the world's wine culture.

We strive to revive the traditions of domestic berry wine, to become the leading manufacturer of natural berry wines in Russia. Each produced wine collection is the result of hard work of the team of professionals and connoisseurs of fine wines.

For a few years of existence the federal brand CREATIVE WINE, a trademark of the Vesyegonsk winery, won the loyalty of customers, becoming the guarantor of quality. All wines, sold under the brand «Creative wine» are the 100% natural wines without flavorings and colorings.

The CREATIVE WINE products are represented in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver, Kazan and other Russian cities, are being successfully implemented in the federal retail chains: "Sedmoy Continent", "Victoria", "Perekrestok," "Carousel," "Metro Cash & Carry " as well as in restaurants and bars.


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